King Rahen Raiwyth

Fallen king of Alaria


King Rahen Raiwyth is the son of King Rognar “the just” Raiwyth.

Rahen became king at an early age when both Rognar and his Queen died in an accident while on trip around the kingdom. While crossing a bride at Vain river, the bridge collapsed and the the chariot with horses was washed away in the strong currents and never found again.

Rahen grew up to become an strong and capable man. Studying and reading a lot he bacame a wise King. Known for his controlled demanor and diplomatic approach he was sometimes crtiticised for being weak.

King Rahen was known for taking good care of his people and therefor was highly loved buy them. Often he arranged big celebrations where food and drink was free for all.

The Kingdom was divided in three shires; Northshire, Southshire and Westshire all ruled by their own Baron and baroness


King Rahen Raiwyth

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